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What a broken juicer can teach us about fat loss

How to lose weight by improving digestionRecently, our juicer started checking out. We’d put the usual amount of veggies in but only half the juice came out. The situation had reached critical. It was time we stopped denying it.

My gorgeously healthy flat mate and I sat down over a glass of wine the other evening to discuss the devastating situation. We were wasting so many vegetables. We were losing so many nutrients. Should we stop juicing until we get a new juicer?

We both fell silent in sad contemplation. That juicer was well loved. We knew what must be done, but weren’t quite ready to accept it.

Your digestion is a bit like a juicer

When your digestion is working well, you’ll get maximum nutrients from the food you eat with minimum wastage. But when it’s faulty, a lot of the good stuff will go unprocessed and end up being flushed down the toilet.

Improved digestion = increased fat loss

Fat loss is a massively nutrient hungry process. To do all that extra work your body needs a whole lot more nutrients to keep the metabolism furnaces burning strongly.

But when it comes to fat loss, most people only ever talk about the food you eat and the exercise you do. Of course these things are important, but what may be even more important is how well you digest the food you eat.

How to increase your digestive power by 50%

Digestion is a complex multi-phase process. Luckily for us, it turns out that 50% of our digestive power actually comes from a single stage that is extremely easy to optimise. In fact, it’s controlled completely by our mind…

It’s all in your head

No you’re not crazy. Your digestive system has evolved to fire up and be ready to go before food hits your stomach.

Your brain knows it’s time to prepare the minute you start thinking about, looking at, smelling, and finally tasting, that delicious meal. When you see and smell that Asian stir-fry or roast vegetables cooking, the parts of your brain that control digestion fire up. Your brain then sends messages to your stomach and pancreas via your vagus nerve telling them to start pumping out digestive enzymes. All this happens before you swallow a single bite.

Pretty fascinating right?

The domino effect

This first phase of digestion is called the Cephalic phase and it’s like that vital first domino in a long line of dominos. You’ve got to ramp up this first phase to get the rest moving. That’s why the cephalic phase, the first part of digestion is THE most important digestive phase of all.

The bad eating habits stalling your fat loss

So what happens when you’re not paying attention to your food? What happens when you are eating but your mind is distracted by watching TV, finishing that report or driving your car? Well if you don’t tip that first domino, you won’t properly fire up the rest of your digestion. And if you aren’t digesting properly, your gut is just like our broken juicer, meaning you’ll only get half the nutrients from your food – not to mention less than half the satisfaction.

Essentially it translates to this:

Distracted eating = Impaired digestion = Less nutrients absorbed = Less fat burning capacity

Simple habits that enhance digestion by 50% and speed fat loss

  • Turn off that TV and sit at a table when you eat
  • Take a short break from work to eat your lunch rather than multi-tasking (added bonus: your productivity will even go up)
  • Pay close attention to the way your food tastes, smells and looks. Eat mindfully, for the first 5 bites at the very least (this one is super powerful indeed)
  • If you are in the middle of a commute during your usual meal time, hold off eating for 20 minutes until you can stop, relax and eat, keeping the above in mind.

I think you’re up to this. Don’t you?

Which of your daily habits distract you from fully powering up your cephalic phase of digestion? Which little habits can you adopt to improve it?

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