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Lean how to work-out smart and get the fastest results in the smallest amount of time, without spending hours in the gym. See the World as Your Gym and get in the best shape of your life.

The 8 Minute, No-Excuses Guide To Fitting Exercise Into An Extremely Busy Schedule

Interval Workouts | 2 Four minute workoutWhat’s the minimum time you need to do a workout? 40 minutes? 60?...

Try 8.

Seriously!  If you’re doing it right, you can achieve a lot more in 8 minutes than most of those gym bunnies do in an hour.

Have 8 minutes? Perfect! Short intense periods of exercise will give you better results anyway

The research here is pretty clear. Working out intensely for a short period of time, meaning under 30 minutes, will get you more benefits than your friend who’s wasting an hour time reading magazines on a stationary bike.


The Habit That Can Add 3.34 Years To Your Life Expectancy

Sitting Lowers Life Expectancy I couldn’t help but notice a very interesting study that went flying around the twittersphere last week. The study concluded something along the lines of this: if you sit for 3 or more hours per week, it will shave 2 years off your life expectancy. And to make matters even more interesting, researchers also concluded that if you watch T.V. for 2 or more hours a day, it will cut yet another 1.34 years off our already short lives.


How To Get Addicted To Working Out

Workout Resistance How is it that some people manage to work out regularly, week in week out, year after year, and do it with a smile on their face? Are they just superhuman? Nope. Far from it. They have just tapped into something that most people haven’t.

All humans (and this includes you) have one big weakness, and they use this weakness to their advantage. Here it is:

We humans are prone to addiction, but we can all learn to tap this resource
and use its power to fuel our motivation to work out consistently.


The World is Your Gym… Stairs: Always take the first 3 flights.

Take the Stairs. It’s simple I know. And I know you’ve heard it before. But, if you’ve heard it before, then my only question for you is, why aren’t you doing it?

The inspiration for this little policy came to me while riding on an escalator in one of the countless underground walkways that wind between the metro stops of Paris. So there I was, on an escalator, when I saw another woman climbing the stairs next to me. That’s when something clicked.


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