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Knowledge is power. Learn to decode misleading food-labels in the simplest way possible so you can take back the control of what you buy, and what you eat.

Are Low-Fat Food Products Making You Fatter?

Low fat food  | Low fat diet foodsLet’s imagine for a moment that you’re in your local supermarket. For some reason or another, you completely forgot to eat before leaving home and now you have a craving for cookies. Now imagine you’re standing in the cookie isle and your eyes fix onto the chocolate chip ones. Before reaching for a packet, you have a brief moment of hesitation. “Am I really going to buy cookies? I really shouldn’t. I’ve been eating so well lately. I don’t want to backslide...” Your eye then shifts to the left a little, and you spy some low-fat chocolate chip-cookies that look equally appetising.


The Lazy Mans Guide to Reading Food Labels

Reading Food Labels- Processed and Packaged FoodsThe next time you’re at the supermarket and waiting in line at the check-out, I want you to do something. Take a look at what’s in your basket. No really, stop, forget about everything else and look closely at what’s in there. Ultimately, what you see staring back at you are the very foods that shape your body, influence your mood and define your levels of energy.

What Should Be In Your Basket

Ideally, your basket will be full of fresh food: fruit and veg, fish, and raw nuts and seeds.


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