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Soya Cantine Bio – Vegetarian Restaurant in Paris – Review

Soya Cantine Bio- Vegetarian Restaurant Paris ReviewI love exploring restaurants in Paris. Especially the healthy ones. And the vegetarian ones too. It’s this love of restaurant exploration that led me to discover Soya Cantine Bio, a little vegetarian restaurant located just east of the metro stop- Republic.

After a meeting I had a couple of months ago in the city, I found myself without lunch date plans and feeling rather hungry. While some people might shy away from dining alone, as long as I have a good book or my iPad (which is full of books), then I’ve got all the company I need.


Champions of Health and Nutrition in Paris: Marc Grossman – Bobs Juice Bar

Bobs Juice Bar Organic Green JuicesToday I am launching a new series on the FYAM blog: Champions of Health & Nutrition in Paris, which will introduce you to English speaking individuals who are working hard to help make Paris a healthier place to live. In my mind, these people are true pioneers, pushing against the status quo to make health, fitness and Nutrition in Paris more accessible to everyone. I feel honoured to share their stories with you here.

Our featured Paris Healthy Living Champion today is Marc Grossman, the founder of Bob’s Juice Bar in Paris.


NoGlu Café: Tasty Treats – Completely Gluten Free in Paris.

Nutrition in Paris | NoGlu | Gluten Free in Paris | Cafe & Restaurnat Recently, my mother-in-law came to stay with us for her annual Paris visit and I decided to take her over to the Gluten Free Café in Paris, NoGlu for a cheeky afternoon tea. I had been meaning to get there for some time and try out their gluten free cakes and desserts, but it had always been just a little too out of the way to be convenient.

Paris, as you most likely know all too well, is renowned for its exquisite, decorative and frankly delicious cakes and pastries.


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