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Habits are powerful things. Learn how to break bad habits & replace them with powerful positive habits that stick, and keep you in the best shape of your life.

How To Plan A Gorgeously Healthy Christmas Menu (Plus A Few Recipes)

Healthy Christmas Meal Plan in Australia | Feed Your Awesome MachineIt’s almost Christmas and time to pull together your Christmas menu. But rather than resorting to all the usual traditions that leave you feeling bloated and sluggish, perhaps 2015 is the perfect year to switch off the auto-pilot and instead kick-off your menu planning with a different question:

How do I want to feel?

I’m pretty clear on this. My three words for how I want to feel at Christmas are excited, connected and alive.

Your words may be different, but whatever they are, your Christmas menu should help to create the kinds of feelings you most want to experience.


The surprising power of self-compassion

The-Surprising-Power-of-Self-Compassion | Weight LossThe following guest post is written by Coaching Psychologist and Change Specialist, Edel Rigas. She's truly a master of her craft. I hope you get as much from her wisdom and insight as I do. 

Shit happens! I have yet to meet anyone who disagrees with this statement – though of course some may not phrase it quite so eloquently! But whatever your turn of phrase, I’m confident we all agree that life is unpredictable and we can find ourselves up to our necks in the stinky stuff, often before we even get a whiff of it coming.


The Best Time To Workout For Weight Loss

Best time to exercise for weigh lossOver the last week I’ve realised a lot of my friends have never seen “the dramatic chipmunk” video. I’m a little shocked. The dramatic chipmunk is an internet meme that’s been around for quite a few years now. It’s been viewed over 30 million times and never fails to make me laugh for the sheer silliness of it. If somehow you’ve missed out on the pleasure of dramatic chipmunk, you’ll meet him in a couple of minutes. He’s agreed to star in this post.


What a broken juicer can teach us about fat loss

How to lose weight by improving digestionRecently, our juicer started checking out. We’d put the usual amount of veggies in but only half the juice came out. The situation had reached critical. It was time we stopped denying it.

My gorgeously healthy flat mate and I sat down over a glass of wine the other evening to discuss the devastating situation. We were wasting so many vegetables. We were losing so many nutrients. Should we stop juicing until we get a new juicer?

We both fell silent in sad contemplation.


Embracing The Beautiful Chaotic Dance Of Life, Change & Your Great Inner Self

Motivation Health and ChangeIn a perfect world, change would be a linear process. You’d start out somewhere you don’t what to be, make a few tweaks, follow through every day and pretty soon you’d soon be a new person and live happily ever after.

But change, as much as we’d love it to be, is not a linear process. And it will never be.

I agree. In some ways, it would be great if we all lived in a nice stable little bubble.


Sassy-Snacking Your Way To A Gorgeous Summer Body

Nutrition in Paris | Natural Weight LossThe fith issue of the Expatriates magazine is now out. I have the pleasure of being a contributing writer and their nutrition in Paris expert; and I’m sharing with you guys my latest article below. I hope you enjoy it!

Spring is in the air and you’ve probably started thinking about how you can look your most fabulous on the beach this summer. To achieve that, you’ll need to eat lots of fresh healthy food and start moving your body regularly, but this can be tough if carvings for not-so healthy food keep undermining your best intentions.


What Ultimately Determines The Size Of Your Waist-Line (aka The Power Of Default Meals)

Quick and Healthy Meal Ideas | Feed Your Awesome MachineNo, it’s not how well you can stick to that new fancy diet you’ve read about in the paper, how much willpower you think you have, or how long you spend sweating it out at the gym each week.

What really determines the size of your waistline is the quality of meals you turn to when you’re tired, busy, or just feeling lazy. I call these your default-meals. We all have them. Your default lunch might look different to your default dinner, or breakfast.


Quality & Guiltless Indulgence – A New Path To Vibrant Health

Expatriates Magazine in Paris | Nutrition & Health Coaching The forth issue of the Expatriates magazine is now out. I have the pleasure of being a contributing writer and their nutrition in Paris expert; and I’m sharing with you guys my latest article below. I hope you enjoy it!

Many expats come from a culture of eating extremes: complete deprivation or total gluttony; often swinging from one extreme to the other and from one week to the next. So many of us endlessly cycle between good intentions, diets, deprivation, failure, gluttony, shame, body hatred and guilt.


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