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Melanie Stephens
Hi there! I'm Melanie Stephens, a qualified and experienced nutritionist, health coach, chef and author. It's fabulous to meet you.

Many moons ago, I trained and worked as a chef and a nutrition consultant in Australia before moving to Ireland where I took a job as Head of the Nutrition Department at the Griffith college Dublin, lecturing and training nutritional consultants for 5 years before moving to France in 2011 where I established Feed Your Awesome Machine (FYAM), an international health coaching company. In 2014, I moved to the very beautiful Rome.

During my career, I’ve given talks and run workshops & courses in Australia, Ireland, London, Northern Ireland, Paris and Rome in-person and online. I’ve appeared regularly on Irish TV as the resident nutrition consultant, worked as a nutritional consultant for doctors, nurses and pharmacists, advised companies, authored and co-authored books and have been featured in various magazines, newspapers and blogs around the world.

I now work full time developing my brain child, FYAM, which offers private Skype coaching to men and women, hands-on healthy cooking classes and the Gorgeously Healthy eCourse - an online group coaching program helping women to gain freedom from emotional eating, fall in love with food and cooking, and create a Gorgeously Healthy body and a life they love. Essentially, it teaches the science and psychology of losing fat without dieting, rules or guilt.

You can find invaluable healthy eating and lifestyle tips, and delicious healthy recipes on Facebook, Twitter and right here on the Feed Your Awesome Machine blog.

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Who's Behind FYAM?

Melanie Stephens, Optimum Nutrition in Paris

I’m Melanie Stephens a qualified nutritionist, chef and workout enthusiast who’s wildly passionate about helping people get healthy, lean and energised so they can lead truly exceptional lives of their own design.

Private Health & Nutrition Coaching

I help men and women all over the world transform their health, their bodies and their lives through health, nutrition and fitness coaching via Skype.

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